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Letter from the President: SATLA PAC

In 2008, the Directors of the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association took action to expand the Association's political profile by creating the The Bexar County Justice Political Action Committee of SATLA ("SATLA PAC").  This PAC was created to support the election of fair and impartial judges who appreciate that our justice system is founded on the sacred right of trial by jury. 

Since SATLA dues cannot be used for political purposes, PAC contributions provide financial assistance to judges and candidates for judicial office, without regard to party affiliation, for political action.  In addition, the PAC will act as a clearing house of information and will encourage members to take political action in a manner consistent with its goals. 

SATLA PAC has a Board of Directors separate from that of the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association, who govern its activities and help identify and assess challenges to the jury system in Bexar County.  
If you wish to become a member of the SATLA PAC, contact Executive Director Lisa Dorn for more information: 210.224.8852.