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2021 SATLA President Felix Gonzalez

Dear Fellow Trial Lawyers,

Thank you for placing your confidence and trust in me to serve as the 2021 President of the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association.

SATLA is nationally recognized as a pre-eminent trial lawyer association. Our mission continues to be the preservation of the right to trial by jury.  For those of us who represent individuals who have been injured by the negligence and deliberate conduct of others, there is no greater challenge facing our profession today. The 7th Amendment allows us access to the courthouse and to be heard by a jury of our peers. Unfortunately, that right is under constant attack and as a result, it becomes our responsibility to inform and educate our community about the vital role of trial lawyers in our society.

SATLA takes its responsibilities very seriously when it comes to preserving the civil justice system. SATLA was one of the first trial lawyers associations to create an interactive list server for its members. The SATLA list server is well-known throughout the country as a collective exchange of information and discussion of issues facing both our clients and our profession. SATLA additionally hosts many well-attended events throughout the year and enjoys strong support from the local judiciary. Further, SATLA gives back to the community through annual charitable donations to a variety of organizations. 

SATLA is 53 years strong due to the hard work and passion of our members and dedicated leaders. Please join us as we face new challenges head-on in the upcoming year.

Felix Gonzalez, President